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24x7 Dispatch services

Transportation Solutions
backed by efficient fleet and latest technology.

We aim for 100% timely deliveries through efficient planning!

Service Selection

Quick competitive quotes for deliveries across USA/Canada.

Load Planning

Route optimization and energy efficient operations.

Logistics Operations

Logistics and Warehousing, Regional/Nodal connectivity, and Cross Dock.

Detailed & Accurate

Consistent and professional accounting standards.

Clients love working with Pluto Transport

We work hard to retain that trust.

Business Friendly
customer service

Years of experience paired with a dynamic team, and professional sales team helps us lead.


Accurate billing, great rates, and timely invoicing are important for our business.

We take care
of our staff

Our people are the key to our success and we treat them with a great deal of respect.

We have great
customer retention

Through our 360 feedback cycle we focus on keeping customers pleased and we are continuously adding new clients.

New Fleet
and Proactive maintenance

Operating a new fleet we are run 24x7 operations with proactive and timely maintenance. Our goal is to avoid interruption for our customers.

& Security

Dedicated Safety Inspector along with inspection team regularly checks logs, conducts driver reviews, reviews maintenance history, and shares industry updates with our team so they remain agile and knowledgeable.

Pluto Transport is hiring!

Pluto Transport is growing fast and we need more drivers and team members.

With multiple offices across Canada, we are serving customers in various time zones and cities.

If you are a professional truck driver interested in working with us and have a great driving history, please apply online and someone will get in touch soon.

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Focused Leadership
and Management

Our leadership team at Pluto Transport
is 100% focussed and ensures top customer satisfaction!

Diverse and

As our services grow across USA and Canada, our staff is getting increasingly diverse and speaks many languages.


We offer hiring opportunities for Office Staff and MELT certified Truck drivers and those with more than 3 years of Industry experience as we grow.

We Care About Load Safety

Dedicated and Qualified Safety team working hard on your behalf!

Periodic safety audits

Our drivers understand that Safety is our #1 priority and there is no way around ensuring the right processes are followed.

Safe, responsible deliveries

From planning to delivery, we review and address all needs to ensure safe deliveries. Our drivers are well equipped with safety gear.

Regulatory Compliance

Our drivers are trained for practical on-road experience and in dealing with situations beyond their control. Our 24x7 Dispatchers also provide continuous updates.

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USA & Canada

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