Driver Application Form

History of Previous Addresses
Health Questionaire
Criminal Record Questionnaire:
Equipment Class Type (Van/Reefer/Flat) From Date To Date Approx. Mileage
List the training facility you attended, when and where you achieved your Class 1 Licence.
List all completed courses, certification and/or training relating to Trucking and Transportation that may help in your work with Pluto.
I certify that the following is a true and complete list of convictions (other than parking violations) and Accidents required to be reported under the Highway Traffic Act during the past 12 months.
Traffic Convictions:
Date Offence Location Charge Penalty
Date Accident Location Injuries Vehicle Type
Please List All periods of Employment/Unemployment for Past 10 Years Starting with The Most Current.
Company Phone Street City Province From To Salary/Wage Contact Person Reason for Leaving Was position subject to alcohol and drug testing as required by 49 CFR Part 40 Was position subject to the FMCSRs

Applicants should read carefully and sign.

1. I declare the information given by me in this application for employment is an accurate statement of the facts.
2. Must be able to pass the drug test. Cost is $80.00 plus GST and it will be deducted from your first payroll statement. We will reimburse the cost in 3 months.
3. As a condition of my employment, I agree to the urine sample collection and controlled substance testing.
4. Must have a clean abstract and safety record.
5. Must have a positive attitude and clean appearance.
6. Must have a minimum of 1-year tractor trailer highway experience with proven ability in the mountains and must be able to go into the U.S. on a regular basis.
7. Must be in good health (some hand loading and unloading may be required).
8. Will supply an up-dated Drivers Abstract and Criminal Record Search (originals only).
9. Driver will supply own load-locks, padlock, safety boots and safety vest.
10. As a condition of my employment, I agree to all pre-employment testing, reasonable suspicion, returned to duty- follow up testing, post-accident testing and all random testing’s. I further agree to any required urine samples; control substance and breath alcohol testing as may be required.
11. I authorize investigation of all statements in this application and understand that any misrepresentation or omission of facts shall be cause for dismissal.
12. In the event of my employment I agree to abide by the work-related rules and regulations.
13. It is understood that if hired, the applicant will be on probation for a period of ninety days, during which, the applicants may be discharged without recourse.
14. I authorize Pluto Transport Inc. to make such investigations and inquiries of my personal, employment, and medical histories, in addition to any other related matters that could possibly affect my employment with Pluto Transport Inc. I hereby release Pluto Transport Inc. & its employees from any and all liability in responding to inquiries in connection with my application.
15. Minimum Two weeks written notice to be handed in to the Employer prior to terminating your employment with Pluto Transport Inc.
16. I have carefully reviewed the Safety Plan and understood every aspect of it and hereby declare to drive according to the safety rules and standards.

Cell Phone Usage Policy:

Employees or Owner Operators who use a hand-held device for business use and whose job responsibilities include regular or occasional driving are expected not to use these devices while driving. If the worker must make or receive a telephone call while driving, he or she should pull to the side of the road if possible. If that is not possible, the worker should only use a phone that is equipped with a hands-free device. This will allow the worker to keep both hands on the steering wheel. At all times, the worker’s first responsibility is to their own personal safety and the safety of other drivers, pedestrians and the passengers in their vehicle. Workers must adhere to all provincial, state or local rules and regulations regarding the use of cell phones/handheld devices while driving. Accordingly, workers must not use such devices if such conduct is prohibited by law, regulation or other ordinance.

Responsibilities and Theft Prevention

1. Drivers should always refrain from discussing what loads they are assigned with anybody outside their dispatcher. This includes public places like truck stops, restaurants, fuelling stops etc.
2. Single drivers are not allowed to leave loads unattended for extended periods of time (beyond 30 minutes) in public places
3. Under no circumstances are team drivers to leave loads unattended in public places at all. If one driver needs to go to washroom or take a shower or fill gas, other driver should always remain inside the truck to look after truck and trailer equipment.
4. Toronto area currently has the highest cargo theft in North America. The police do not have the resources to track this down and will only supply a police file number; said should such incident occur. So never to leave the truck and trailer unattended at places like GTA, Mississauga, Montreal, Vancouver, Surrey unless it's parked in secure place.
5. Drivers are always to remain alert. Suspicious persons or activity should be noted and reported to the Pluto team or local law enforcement if deemed necessary. As always instincts are a good guide – If something doesn’t feel right, Act on the side of caution.

1. Warm truck for 20-25 minutes and in meantime- Open hood and look under it, Check if pipes are frozen, Coolant check, if coolant is leaking, Tire check – Hammer test.
2. 5th Wheel grease freeze – Tuck test (Sometimes the 5th wheel does not lock with the trailer because the grease is frozen, so it might look like the trailer is hooked but it’s not. So, make sure to do tuck test in winters).
3. Glen hand for airline coupler should be turned fully.
4. Slow turns – Always turn slow because the weight of load will make the truck skid. On the turn where every truck turn, trucks stop due to which there are few drops of water on road from truck, these drops freeze and its slippery all the time at the Stop signs / Lights and turns.
5. Do not Overtake or do not try to go fast, no matter how much the traffic or if someone is right on your tail, keep driving at slow safe speed. Put Four Way Flasher and let the truck pass.
6. Avoid break all times – Keep slow speed, if you know there are stop lights, slowdown from very far.
7. If you think its windy or slippery or anytime you feel road is not good – STOP. If you are just 20 kilometers from delivery and road is bad, don’t take risk, please stop because no one is going to award you that you did delivery in bad weather. This also puts life of your team driver in danger.
8. In snow, windows are always dirty – Stop at pumps and clean the windows to increase visibility
9. Yard entrances – If you think your truck might get stuck – do not enter
10. Plug Wire at night – Make sure the light is red on the plug because sometimes you plug but it’s not actually on.
11. Brake check – North bay (Must)
12. Keep extra key tied to the hood so incase the truck is locked then you don’t freeze outside.
13. No phones please – Winter driving with distraction is not safe
14. Be patient
15. Keep distance of 300-350 meters.
If there is any accident – there is no income to company. However, Insurance and installment will be ongoing.
For example – Accident happened on 17 Nov 2017 and Pluto got it’s truck back in April 2018. So for 5 months there is no income but all expenses continue.
If you decide on your own to drive in bad weather, then it will be upon you and you will be responsible for the damage. If you do not follow all these rules, then Pluto Transport will be forced to act against you.

Applicant Signature: (to be signed in person after document validation)